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Culture and Peppers


If you’re here reading about Mercer Crossing, you’re either already living in or looking for luxury apartments for rent in Farmers Branch, Texas. So I don’t need to go on and on about how close we are to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. For anyone who travels at all … that is just a godsend.

But you know this, yes? I’d rather chat for a minute about the culture of the Las Colinas neighborhood. Firstly, you’ve got all the shopping you could want. Convenience mixed with extravagance … it’s all here.

But it’s the spice of life that appeals more to me, and that’s got to be at least in part about the local food scene. There’s everything under the sun here, including the local staples, peppers and peppers.

Ha, just kidding. Though I DO like it spicy, and to be perfectly honest, nothing is better than a good stuffed pepper or a burger with some grilled poblanos. But to me, THOSE are the staples: Mexican, and Tex Mex. Everything else is delicious and appreciated, sure, but you’ve gotta have the local stuff done right. (A more modern take, and one I like, can be found at Mi Cocina).

I’ll admit, my own fascination with food impacts my thoughts on culture. But the luxury apartments for rent at Mercer Crossing in Farmers Branch, Texas do put you in the heart of Dallas, and whether you’re a local food hound like me or just someone who enjoys the finer things in life in general, this is a wonderful spot to call home.